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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tag - Seven Things

CelloDonna tagged me for 7 things. I'm such a slacker - just getting to it now. Here it is...

1. I was born in Malaysia, moved to Canada when I was 8. On my first day of school in Canada, the teacher could not pronounce my Chinese name. It wasn't that hard but every time she said my name, she got it wrong in a different way. After weeks of this, my parents came up with an English name for her to use. I still remember the look of relief on her face. I have used that name ever since that day! Very few people know that it is not my real name. Because of this, I often feel that I was born at the age of 8 - new family, new culture, new language, new name.

2. I once got a 68% in high school biology. I was so scared of my Dad's reaction that I forged a new report card with a 78% in biology. He looked at the forged report card and commented that I should have done better than '78%' in biology.

3. My grandmother has passed away now, but I still feel good every time I think about her. Here is a story about her: She came to live with us in Canada a couple of years after I moved there. When she got to Canada, she decided that she wanted to be a Canadian. She was illiterate in Chinese, having grown no education because her family was very poor. This did not seem to faze her as she tackled the challenge of learning a new language well enough to pass the citizenship interview. She went to classes every week and spent nights and weekends studying with me. Years later, she passed the test on her first try. She never did learn to speak English. She learned enough to answer the hundreds of possible questions she could be asked in the interview. It was a decade later before I appreciated what a feat she had accomplished!

4. A palm reader once told me that I have 2 guardian angels, probably some ancestors, watching over me. Maybe this is why I have always felt very lucky.

5. I secretly love reading Hollywood gossip.

6. I love to cook, at least that's what I tell everyone. The truth is that I love to eat!

7. I just got an iPhone. Please pray that I don't become an Apple evangelist lurking around the Apple Store Church! It's pretty hard though...I'm ooohing and aaahhhhing every time I use it!

I think most of the people I want to know more about have been tagged.....Has CelloMuser been tagged yet? I really like his blog. If not, consider yourself tagged! Do tell!